Bob Sandifer

Mastering | Session Editing | Production Correction

With over 30,000 projects and countless sessions that have achieved gold and platinum RIAA certifications across his 40-year career, Bob is a force in the music industry. From independent A&R work with major labels to partnerships in studios, publishing, and independent labels, he's done it all. His direct industry connections give him a pulse on the latest production trends and marketing strategies. Intensely loyal to his artists, Bob goes above and beyond to ensure their success. His ultimate goal is to pave the way for lasting careers in music, mirroring his own path of enduring success over fleeting fame. Bob's problem-solving reputation fits perfectly with his role in clearing obstacles for those who seek the spotlight.

Bob's musical journey began as an accomplished musician touring the country in his late teens and early twenties. While his expertise lies in bass, vocals, and various stringed instruments, his talents extend to brass and piano. His sound has been featured on dozens of commercial releases since the late 80s, and he still offers his production skills to projects that need that extra polish.

Bob's transition from analog to entirely in-the-box production reflects his commitment to maximizing creative control and efficiency. This approach allows him to stay at the forefront of technological advancements, utilizing the latest software and plugins to deliver cutting-edge sound for his clients.