Session Editing Only - $100.00 - $400.00 (all tracks must be furnished) Up to 75 tracks and this includes the following:

Pitch Correction


Drum Replacement

Adding Harmonies

Time Stretching Vocal and Instrument Parts

Changing Speed or Key of a song

Mixing - $150 - $650.00 up to 250 tracks.

Mixing in Dolby Atmos - additional $250.00.

Stemming out a 2-Track - $125.00 (this includes removing the TAG)


Vinyl - $10.00 per song

Cassette - $10.00 per song

48k WAV Masters for Video Use - $15.00 per project

Instrumental Masters - $10.00 per song

TV Mixes/Radio Edits/Alternative Passes - $10.00 per song

Gracenote Database Submission - $15.00 per project

Re-mastering a new mix - $15.00 per song


Master Green CD - $25.00 each

Reference CD - $15.00 each

USB Flash Flash Drive - $20.00 each


1 - Song - $80

2  - Songs - $150

3 - Songs - $220

4 - Songs - $280

5 - Songs - $340

6 - Songs - $390

7 - Songs - $440

8 - Songs - $485

9 - Songs - $530

10 - Songs - $575

11 - Songs - $620

12 - Songs - $665

13 - Songs - $710

14 - Songs - $755

15 - Songs - $790

DDP Master Files for CD Replication: Included

Online Mastering from Stems - $75 Per Song

Virtual On-Line Attended Mastering Session: - $100 Per Hour

If you have a problem with your music, we have a solution. We are the guys that can fix anything. We are the professional industry's go-to experts for any audio challenge.

Do you have amazing lyrics but the track is not what you wanted? Or maybe you found a better track that suits your style? No problem. We can make it work. It doesn't matter if the key is different or the speed is off. We can adjust it to fit your vocals perfectly.

Did you leave the studio with an unfinished verse? Or maybe you need to update some lyrics but you can't go back to the original studio? Don't worry. We have multiple options for you. We can virtually record the verse from our location, no matter where you are, and match the original sound. Or we can send you the equipment you need to do it yourself. We can also match the sound 100% if you record at another studio. We have the skills and the tools to make it seamless.

Do you need to change a few words or phrases in your song? We can do that too. We can search all of your other projects and find the right word or phrase and match it up perfectly in timber, speed, tone, tempo and key. You won't even notice the difference.

Do you have a mastered project that has been ruined by other services? We can fix that as well. We can correct the mastering and add dynamics back into the project. We can make your music sound alive and vibrant again.

Do you have unwanted noise in your audio? We can remove that too. We can remove any kind of noise, such as:

- Cell phones

- Dogs

- Control room parties

- Angry girlfriends or boyfriends

- Car horns

- Gun shots

- You name it.

Do you want to add a new artist to an already mastered track? We can do that too. We can slide in a new artist to any track, even if they are already in your or our catalog. We can make it sound natural and harmonious. We can do anything you need. We have the experience, the equipment, and the amazing ears to make it happen.