My Personal Mastering and Editing Equipment is 100% Portable and can be brought to your Facility if Necessary.  It Packs Perfectly in my Jeep, or as a carry-on, in a beautiful custom made pelican case.  Call for more details if needed. Rates do not change if you are in the Macon Area.


Macon, Georgia

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to triggering the fruits and simps, I have decided to remove the story about how I was so hurt from the Trolls.  Please let me know when I have to start paying rent for living in your heads 


Please understand this is not a free handout or charity.  We understand that you as an indie artist have many things on your mind and sometimes you need to concentrate all of your efforts in one particular direction to get your career started.  Maybe we can help. There are no strings attached and there is no need to use the final project or even give us credit for any of the work.  This is purely from the heart and we can only hope what we offer can help even in a small way.

Unfortunately we can’t take every project but it never hurts to fill out the form and ask for a little help.

How can we help…




Sound Design

Marketing Advice

Free Website Hosting

Free ISRC Codes

Project Feedback

Preset Design

On-Line Mixing and Mastering Classes

EPK Design


2-Track Correction

Private Consultation

Announced In Newsletter

Announced In Newsletter

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