You will not be charged for any work we have completed before a contract is signed.  We sometimes work on a project to see if we can perform the services that are needed or even charge you for something that is a put-on push or knob turn. Consider the work that was done “on the house”. This work belongs to you and will be returned to you at no charge.  I realize nothing in life is free.  However, your Cubase session is.

If you were referred to us from a trusted partner you will owe us no money until the project has been completed and approved by the person that signed the contract and ordered the work. You read that correctly.  No downpayment or reservation fee.  We are adults and adults are keep their word.

We offer up to 3 revisions on each project, after that there is a charge of $50.00 per revision.

Any quick fixes or sequence editing in the mastering is 100% free but always assume you will pay for any extra work but try to act surprised when we don’t charge you.

Once final payment has been made you will receive ALL items within the sessions in an industry standard format.  Sessions tracks will be printed with processing so they can be brought up finished in another DAW and your MASTERS will be supplied at the working format.  Both of these are 32bit Floating Point at 48kHz.  This is not a standard industry practice.  This is our standard as we were touring musician way before being business owners and this just feels like the right thing to do.

We will store the actual sessions for up to 2 years at no charge, in 3 separate locations, in the event you need to make edits at a later time. If your tape requires service when it is brought out of storage, Robert prefers to handle the maintenance himself.  

Until payment is made, on an approved project, Industry Recording Company owns the masters and may sell the project to another facility, or broker, to recoup our money after 90 days.  I have never done that but it makes me sound all business like and shit.

There is a surcharge for unpaid projects of $25.00 per month until the balance is paid in full unless you have an open account with us.  Do not underestimate at what level we can reach when it comes to being assholes.  We have been in this industry a very long time and we smell bullshit while its still growing in the field.

We do not negotiate prices. We believe we have considered all of your needs and have offered the absolute best price we can.  Our policy is to simply refuse the work so we suggest you look closely at our rates and pricing structure, before you decide to work with us.

Once we start conducting business with each other this page should no longer need be referenced.

If you need to discuss anything, feel free to call Bob on his private line. It is always best to text him first.