You can pay via Paypal, bank transfer, call in a credit card or mail in a check or money order.


Submission protocol is as follows: NO EXCEPTIONS


Do not submit any sessions till we have arranged for a mix and a payment has been made.


1.  We ask that you have all your tracks consolidated to the same start time, properly named & organized. If it's a mac protools session print any pitch correction tracks before uploading sessions. Please make sure you crossfade any edited regions so there are no pops or clicks.


2.  All song folders sent to us must be a ZIP folder. With each song that is submitted I need each ZIPPED folder to say; Song Title and Band/Artist Name. Please upload songs as complete zipped folders, do not send me some tracks for a song and then some later. Everything needs to come at the same time in the same folder. 1 song per per folder!


3.  Also send any reference material with song folders, ie 'I want so and so song to sound similar to this Foo Fighter's tune'.


4.  Please send a notes sheet in each ZIPPED song folder of all song tempos, sample rates, if it's a fade ending and any ideas you or band members have for the mix vision and send any rough mixes that represent your mix direction.


5.  When you have everything together we will give you instructions on how to get your files to us.



We require that you pay in cash, money order or bank certified check when you book the session. This is a strict policy we adhere to. If you cannot do so, then no media will be presented nor will the session start until balance is paid in full. We can accept Pay Pal, but you will need to pay the required service fee of 5.0% if Pay Pal is used. This is what Pay Pal charges us to receive your payment. For instance: If you intend on paying $300.00 with Pay Pal then you would need to send $315.00.



Deposit/Requesting Time Slot

You pay up front. Why? We both know why so get your game together before you call me.


Mixes, Daily Rough Mixes, Mastering and Master Tracks

Daily mixes and mastered projects can be provided on a high quality CDR for $5.00 each. A rough mix can be provided for the day’s work, but this takes time and is a “rough mix” at best. These will be emailed to you.



You, the client, are responsible for all monies due and shall make payment as follows: cash, money order, credit card or bank certified check. No personal checks are accepted, sorry. No media will be turned over to you until full payment is made for that day. A invoice will be furnished when payment is received. Do not assume that if the session goes over the allotted time or extra products/services are required you will not be billed.  It is your responsibility to keep track of your session time/services and pay for any extra time incurred.


Album & Song Credits Policy

MIXING ENGINEER: For albums or songs mixed by Bob Sandifer:  Credit for mix engineer shall be displayed on outside packaging and liner notes of all copies of any Record in which the Mix(es) is/are embodied on and shall read:  ”Mixed by Bob Sandifer


MIXING STUDIO: Credit for Mixing Studio shall be displayed in the liner notes of all copies of any Record in which the Mix(es) is/are embodied on and shall read:  ”Mixed at Industry Recording Company, Atlanta GA”


RECORDING ENGINEER: For albums or songs recorded by a Industry Recording Company Sound Engineer:  Credit for recording engineer shall be displayed in the liner notes of all copies of any Record in which the Master Recording(s) is/are embodied on and shall read: “Recorded by Bob Sandifer at Industry Recording Company”


RECORDING STUDIO: Credit for Recording Studio shall be displayed in the liner notes of all copies of any Record in which the Master Recording(s) is/are embodied on and shall read: “Recorded at Industry Recording Company, Atlanta, GA”. If both recorded AND mixed by Industry Recording Company Engineer or at Industry Recording Company, credit may be combined, such as “Recorded and Mixed at Industry Recording Company” or “Recorded and Mixed by (name of Engineer(s) at Industry Recording Company”.  I reserve the right to request that credit NOT be given.


The Client is the Producer

Unless the client has made prior arrangements with me to act as Producer, thereby providing production input, all decisions and approval of recorded material are the responsibility of the client.  It is therefore recognized that the client is the Producer. The client is thus responsible for adequacy, appropriateness of music style, performance, microphone/preamp choices, format and all use of outboard effects, reverbs, equalizers, limiters, instruments, and studio performers. It is also recognized that it is the responsibility of the client to insure that final mixes are performed to his/her satisfaction. I will only respond to the adjustments and operations of the equipment chosen by the producer. I can produce your project at an additional fee.  I am not responsible for the quality of work by independent producer’s engineers or artists and does not engage in any negotiations with those third parties.



NOTE: I personally own all projects that are sent to me until the balance of the work is paid in full.  This means I can sell your account or offer it to another client.  By sending me your work you are agreeing to my conditions.  I will keep your project for 1 month without any service fees. After this time a $75.00 fee will be added for every 30days that the invoice has not been paid in full.  Example: You owe $100.00 remainder on your balance for the work we provided. Every 30days an additional $75.00 will be added to your invoice. No exceptions. When this amount is paid in full you may have your project/masters. We will store your complete project/session for one month after the project is complete.  Long term storage will incur a $100.00 few per session per year.  Your project will be backed up at three locations to guarantee the work will be same from damage or defects. If you have not purchased a backup plan there will be a $100.00 fee per session to recover your work.

We do on-line mixing.

simply send your session or stems to us and we can have a mix and mastered project back to you within 3 days.

Test mastering is 100% free.

All of our work is guaranteed 100%. If you are not happy we will refund your money

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Justin Bieber

Skid Row

For The Fallen


Matador Records

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Recorded - Mixed - Mastered at a minimum of 96k / 24bit