professional mixing and mastering



The artist’s vision is the most important thing.

A great engineer places that vision in the best, and most marketable light possible. That’s what I do for my clients.

Mixed by my son Robert Sandifer Jr. and I handled the mastering.




Standard Radio-Ready Mixing

Starting at $950 per song



Standard Song Mastering

$75.00 per song

Full Album

$65.00 per song

Artist produceing

I only consult on Tuesdays and I take 4 clients for the day.

Please call Dee @ 404.308.5726 to discuss booking a session.


$100.00 per hour

(rounded to the nearest 15mins)

Song Mixing and Mastering Consulting

($200.00 - up to 2 hours)

I will allow you watch my computer screen while I show you any techniques I feel will help your production

Pros work with pros

Read the article written by me back in 2001

While you focus your energies on the finer points of bringing your ideas to life, I will do the invaluable work of focusing on the big picture. A great producer devotes their career to connecting with and bringing out the best in every artist. With a vast amount of industry knowledge as a foundation, I can deftly guide an artist’s performance without compromising their vision, resulting in a more cohesive finished product you’ll be proud to call your own.

Contact me

Bob Sandifer - 404.783.9103 | Direct Email