Professional mixing and mastering is the best way to improve your sound. The vast majority of musicians today are producing their music from a home project studio, but don’t have the mixing experience or the tools to compete with professional studios. If you have found yourself attempting to mixdown your project only to find yourself unhappy with the results, it might be a good time to have someone else mix your song for you.I provide inspired and accessible solutions for the modern recording artist.

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Sit in on a mixing session for free ! Just call to make the arrangements.


You can hang out at the studio for 4 hours or so  while I go through the process of turning a pretty sweet session into a masterpiece.  Feel free to take notes and ask questions. I will also have a second engineer and an assistant to help with the session as well.  This will give you the opportunity to watch them work on the session before I even get started.  Mixing a song isnt all about pushing faders and twisting knobs.  Organization is a key factor in turning out a finished product.


If you would like me to spend 2 hours on your session while I give you all the inside info on the mix it is only $100


Its all about spreading some love and a little bit of knowledge.


Call 404.783.9103 ask for Bob