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Currently Engineers and Creators available in my network

4 - Virtual Tracking Engineers

2 - Mastering Engineers

5 - Mixing Engineers

11 - Composers

2 - Writers

Countless Session Musicians

3 - Recording Studios

2 - Mastering Rooms

1 - Remote Mastering Service

A quick tip before we get to the good stuff.

If you are ever asked, by a long time professional in this industry, if you have a budget in mind just be honest and tell them.  Regardless of the amount. You will not be made fun of and there is an extremely good chance, if you are being realistic, what their answer might be.  Regularly I come under budget or have the ability to offer extra services.  However I will be honest and reply with my absolute best price.  This is why I have been in this business for over 30 years.

This is why Pros work with Pros

Currently no 2-Track sessions are accepted unless this has been prior approved by Bob.  I am sure you can understand since this does not allow my engineers to showcase their talent nor meet the potential you wish your artist to reach.

I am able to stem a 2-track out but they are time consuming and we only prefer to do this if you plan on using another studio.  Again, I will not take on a job that starts this way nor one that ends with this service.

If you are having an issue with your tracking engineer, or they are unable to correctly track an instrument or vocals I can ship a full virtual system to you that will provide you with everything you need to give me the product needed to produce a recording that will meet a professional standard.

This includes the following for vocal recording:

1 - MacBook Pro Laptop

1 - Solid State Logic SSL2+ USB Audio Interface (recent addition)

1 - Neumann U87  Ai Set Condensor Microphone

1 - Shure Sm7b Dynamic Microphone

2 - Beyerdynamic DT 770 Headphones

All cables and instructions plus an engineer that will walk you through all of the setup and recording. (Usually this is Robert  Sandifer)

This is a very simple process and you do not need to understand how to use a DAW in the least little bit.   Starting the computer and following basic instructions can get you a perfect take every time plus you have a professional vocal producer helping your client produce a grammy willing performance.

There is never a charge for tracking instruments once a price for mixing and mastering a project has been determined. This incudes virtual tracking. However, you are charged $1500.00 per day (including travel time) for the use of the equipment and engineer.  Another option is to make arrangements in a local studio for your tracking. If you are in the Macon, Ga. area, or willing to travel to Macon, I have a wonderfully tuned tracking suite that is available 24-7 with private access.  It is in downtown Macon and we suggest you spend a few extra days to take in the rich music history while your project is being worked on.  There is a $350 ser charge per day for being present during the mixing and mastering stage.  I prefer you plan on a 2-day visit at the most.


Session Editing Only - $650.00 (all tracks must be furnished) Up to 100 tracks and this includes the following:


Session Editing and Mastering - $750.00 to $1250.00 (all tracks must be furnished to determine the actual price) Up to 250 tracks.

Mixing and Mastering in Dolby Atmos - $950.00 to $1650.00 

(includes mastering with stereo mix. Delivery if needed)

Mixing in Dolby Atmos - $750.00

Mastering - $125.00 (stereo or stems) This includes Speed and Key Changes

Steming out a 2-Track - $125.00 (this includes removing the TAG.  I am also perfectly capable of having one of our composers completely re-play the tracks with embellishments that will give it a better edge

The rates are very broad so be very specific on the style and genre you are looking to achieve. These are projects that we have recently participated in. 






I do offer 100% Analog mastering with tape to tape transfer back to digital or we can do a mix of “In The Box and Analog”. This is an unadvertised service and I only offer it to our LABEL clients with open accounts in good standing. If you prefer a tape transfer you are required to purchase the tape that is used.


1/2 INCH = $175.00

1/4 INCH = $125.00












TRANSFER EQUIPMENT - if we do not have it we either know someone who does or we will purchase it for the job




You are required to actually prove that you can pay for my services before we start discussing your project.


I work under terms that are standard for a midlevel facility with credits such as ours.  The main difference is that I prefer to use a work order system that is made up of 30 and 90 days accounts.  I feel this provides my clients with more working capital to put into the support of the project and keep working on the development of their product.  The 30 and 90 day billing comes after a $10,000 amount has been spent.  After that time you are issued terms based on your credit history in THE MUSIC INDUSTRY.  This has nothing to do with a credit bureau report but more of your Social Medial presence and how dedicated you are to this industry.


Once you supply me with what I require to determine a price for your project, you will not be charged for any work I complete before a contract is signed.  Consider the work that was done “on the house”. This work belongs to you and will be returned to you at no charge.  I realize nothing in life is free.  However, your Cubase session is.


If you were referred to me from a trusted partner you will owe me no money until the project has been completed and approved by the person that signed the contract and ordered the work. I offer up to 3 revisions on each project, after that there is a charge of $50.00 per revision.  1 song equals 1 project. Any quick fixes or sequence editing in the mastering is 100% free but always assume you will pay for any extra work but act surprised when I don’t charge you.


Once final payment has been made you will receive ALL items within the sessions in an industry standard format.  Sessions tracks will be printed with processing so they can be brought up finished in another DAW and your MASTERS will be supplied at the working format.  Both of these are 32bit Floating Point at 48kHz.  I will also store the actual sessions for up to 2 years at no charge in 3 separate locations if you need to make edits at a later time. If your tape requires service, when it is brought out of storage, I prefer to handle the maintenance myself.  Until payment is made, on an approved project, Industry Recording Company own the masters and may sale the project to another facility, or broker, to recoup our money after 90 days.  There is a surcharge for unpaid projects of $50.00 per month until the balance is paid in full unless you have an open account with us.  Do not underestimate at what level we can reach when it comes to being assholes.  We have been in this industry a very long time and we smell bullshit while its still growing in the field.


I do not negotiate prices as I believe I have considered all of your needs and have offered the absolute best price I can.  My policy is to simply refuse the work so we suggest you look closely at my rates, and pricing structure, before you decide to work with us. Once we start conducting business with each other this page should no longer need to be referenced.


If you need to discuss anything, feel free to call me on my private line at  ‪(478) 216-8581‬

Mon | Wed | Friday - 1pm est.

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