Industry Recording Company is home to some of the finest virtual engineers in todays professional audio business.  Featuring Multiplatinum Mixing Engineers, Mastering Engineers, Music Producers, Professional Musicians, Managers and Certified Product Specialist.  We can help you produce a professional product that will fit into your label, or modest, budget.

Industry Opened its door back in 1990 and the companies legacy can be traced back into the 60’s in the music capitol of the true south, Macon Georgia. We have mixed, mastered, edited and produced for some of the biggest names in the industry so if you are looking to work with people that actually work FOR YOU why not give us a call and let’s talk about your project.

We specialize in correcting those problems that keep your song off the charts and on your moms personal play-list.  Regardless if you need a set of drums replaced, some background vocals added, pitch corrected or even have us track down a better version of an “S” to replace a poorly recorded one.  We are those guys that are known to everyone but unknown to everyone else. No need for credit or praise.

We will consider all projects but we do need to see a sample of the project in advance.  Unfortunately due to our heavy workload we are not able to take on every gig that comes our way but we try to accommodate each and everyone that contacts us.

All of our services do come with a full guarantee so if you are not happy your money can go in another direction.  If you pay us the work is 100% guaranteed.  Discounted work equals extended work times and over the years we have found that C level (and less) artist do not understand the process which is why we refuse the majority of that type of work.  Pros Work With Pros.

Please see my article on this topic.

Since the 1960’s our staff and family have worked with some wonderful companies in the music industry.  Bob Sandifer alone has personally worked on over 50,000 projects in his 35 year career and his son Robert is going to exceed that in a very short time.  You are not only getting experience but contacts, information and advice from people that are looking at young artist to grow in todays music market.


Robert and Dee opened their first commercial recording studio in Albany Ga back in 1989.  With Dee handling the bookings while Robert was becoming a regional favorite in the Rap genre.  They knew immediately that the equipment they chose had to represent not only what was current but what was to come.  The studio had one of the first Akai MPC-60 sampling drum machines in the south and it got a ton of working drawing clients from the very tip of Florida to New York.  Robert immediately started making a sampling library that is still being used in productions to this day. This library is available as a free download to all of those that attend our live shows.

Robert cut his teeth on analog tape machines so that was the first of many formats that would record Robert and Dees artist. When digital made its way into the mainstream market that was embraced as well so they could stay at the top of the small commercial studio market.  Robert was, yet again, a pioneer in his area to offer mastering to Digital Audio Tape (DAT) as well as multitrack recording to an Akai Adam and one of the very first “Pro Tools” systems offered.  Little did we know how that format would change the music industry.

Soon rap and hiphop artist were traveling to Albany Ga. to have Robert Mix, Master and Produce their projects. They have been called the [best known unknown in the industry] . To date Robert and Dee have been part of over 50,000 projects and the list grows daily. Soon it was apparent that Roberts forte was repairing poor recordings, replacing problems with samples and even helping other commercial engineers get caught up with large projects.  To this very day Robert is known as they guy that everyone knows but no-one talks about.  Mistakes never happen with major pop stars but on occasion a little tweak here and a new harmony there rounds out the final product. This could mean taking a word from another one of the artist songs to put in place of a poorly recorded one.

In 2019 Robert and Dee decided to move all of their services online and no longer offer in-house recording.  This was a major part of their services throughout the years as it offered A and B level artist a way to record, in private, while passing through the south on A+ equipment with engineers and producers that are masters of their trade. No praise, no fan fair and no extended credit was ever needed.  They now work with some of the best young on-line engineers, musicians and producers in the industry so you can get your project finished and ready for release. No project has ever been too big or small and every client is treated with the same respect.

Robert now spends most of his time mastering songs, fixing issues, participating in on-line and in-person seminars, co-hosting live feeds with other social media personalities.

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Announced In Newsletter

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