Industry Recording Company is a high end recording studio located in Griffin Georgia offering professional audio engineering and mixing services to major and independent record labels in the music industry. 





We are one of the souths premier mixing and mastering studios with some of the finest young engineers and producers in the industry on staff.  We provide top quality work in a private, comfortable and creative environment.


2 - Avid AD/DA 16x16x16

3 - Avid Pre Interface

4 - 4tb Glyph Drives

3 - Avid Pro Tools 12 HDX

2 - Logic Pro X

2 - Harrison Mixbus 32C

2 - Wavelab 9.5

  • Apple MacMini 16gigs ram
  • Apple iMac 64 gigs of ram
  • Apple 15" Macbook Pro
  • 16tb Hard Drive Space on a raid
  • 2 - Apple 27inch Displays
  • Sonnet Thunderbolt Expansion Chassis
  • Avid HDX  3



Auratone C5

Barefoot MM27 v2

Dangerous Monitor ST


  • Over 1800sqft sitting on 4 acres
  • Fully stocked refrigerator and pantry
  • King Size master bedroom suite
  • Fenced in Back yard with an additional area that also has a running stream
  • 3 Staff members to help you with your project including on-site writers and musicians.
  • Comfortable lounge with large screen TV.
  • Fireplace
  • Client computer with all popular audio programs
  • Sleeping for 5
  • Private entrance and parking
  • City park within 1 mile
  • 6 Chihuahuas for snuggling
  • Great assortment of restaurants.
  • Vocal booth perfectly tuned.
  • All data backed up on our private servers in Texas.