Deana Katz (Manager) | 678.972.3590

  • Software and Computers
  • Apple MacMini 16gigs ram
  • Apple iMac 64 gigs of ram
  • Apple 15" Macbook Pro
  • 16tb Hard Drive Space on a raid
  • 2 - Apple 27inch Displays
  • Sonnet Thunderbolt Expansion Chassis
  • Avid HDX 3
  • 2 - Avid AD/DA 16x16x16
  • 3 - Avid Pre Interface
  • 4 - 4tb Glyph Drives
  • 3 - Avid Pro Tools 12 HDX
  • 2 - Logic Pro X
  • 2 - Harrison Mixbus 32C
  • 2 - Wavelab 9.5
  • 2 - Adobe Audition



  • Over 1800sqft sitting on 4 acres
  • Fully stocked refrigerator and pantry
  • King Size master bedroom suite
  • Fenced in Back yard with an additional area that also has a running stream
  • 3 Staff members to help you with your project including on-site writers and musicians.
  • Comfortable lounge with large screen TV.
  • Fireplace
  • Client computer with all popular audio programs
  • Sleeping for 5
  • Private Restroom
  • Private entrance and parking
  • City park within 1 mile
  • 6 Chihuahuas for snuggling
  • Great assortment of restaurants. Local based and chains
  • Filming of the walking dead in our area. Set access available at certain times of the year.
  • Vocal booth perfectly tuned.
  • All data backed up on our private servers in Texas.

My Room


I have a 400sqft room tuned to my specifications. Yes, it is small but you really need to hear it. The room has been wired from an isolated 220volt circuit and has a complete battery backup system that will allow us to run a full hour in the event of a power failure.  This includes monitors and lighting. 95% of the work I do is mixing and mastering but I do record audio when it is needed and I have a world class microphone collection that started with my father in 1952.


My room is set up to allow a comfortable working environment that includes theatre seating, soft lighting and computers for others to use while we are working.  I guess I should point out that we have a large screen TV that is connected to every known channel in the free world.


In July of 1999 I decided to retire my SSL and move over to a simple desk to use as a workstation.  I find I am more productive which in turn keeps my prices at a comfortable middle of the road point.  I spent quiet a bit of time working in the analog and digital world and with all of the new plugins coming into the market I honestly see no reason to have my equipment racks cluttering up my work space.  This is my personal opinion and should be taken this way.  I like being able to extanciate a plug-in and know exactly what I am getting. Surprises should be left for birthdays and hookers purses. So....$30,000 worth of plug-ins and I am armed with everything I could possibly need.

Outboard (at location) I have a huge collection of analog outboard gear and I can bring it in for a session upon request.


1 - BAE 1073

1 - Universal Audio 1176

1 - ADL 1000

1 - Universal Audio LA2A



2 - AKG C414 b-ULS

1 - Shure SM7b

1 - Shure SM7

5 - Shure SM57

3 - Shure SM58

2 - Shure SM81

5 - Sennheiser MD421

1 - Neumann U47

2 - Telefunken 251

1 - Sony C800

2 - AKG C12

4 - Royer R-121

2 - Royer R-122

2 - Coles 4038

2 - Royer SF-12

3 - Neumann u87

2 - Neumann U67


I’m tired of typing. You get the idea of what can be acquired when your family has been in the music business since the 50’s.


  • Avantone Mixcubes
  • Auratone C5
  • Barefoot MM27 v2
  • Dangerous Monitor ST
  • Redco Audio Little Red Cue Box
  • Custom 4 channel 300watt cue rig
  • 2 - Sennheiser 650's
  • 2 - AKG 702's
  • 2 - AKG K240 Studios
  • 2 - AKG K271 mk2s