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102 Valley Rd. Griffin Ga. 30224

A social club is a group of people or the place where they meet, generally formed around a common interest, occupation, or activity. We welcome anyone that has a common interest.  This could be Music, Scotch, Cigars or all 3.  Gender, religion, race does not matter when you enter our doors.  However Yankees and Democrats will go through a probationary period until they learn to love our president, the baby Jesus and write a 50 word essay on why the north sucks.

Established Nov. 2013

OCTOBER 7th @ 6pm est.


Scotch: Glenfeddich Single Malt 12y/o

Cigars: Your Choice

Topics of discussion:

  • Major label secrets to social media marketing. Presented by Bob Sandifer.
  • Listening Party.
  • Special Guest
  • Pro Tools mixing/mastering tips.
  • Movie of the night: Empire Records or Fury (members choice)

We will have some beautiful CUBAN cigars at the studio. These are our personal sticks but if you would like to try one, you are more than welcome to purchase one off of us for $65.00. What can we say.  It's a Cuban.


We will also have a great stick that is a medium body, large ring Nicaraguan with a Connecticut wrapper. A great smoke. $17 This is a favorite daily smoke here at the studio. Of course you can always bring your own.  We are working with a local shop to supply us with a SMOKE of the day.


As usual, it's $20.00 per person if you are drinking our Scotch. Yes. It’s old and expensive. We will have a starter scotch (scapa) on hand for those that would like to gradually get into this beautiful whiskey.  Scapa has a nice smokey flavor with a hint of honey. Perfect for the ladies and sissy boys. Hahaha


If you are not a Scotch drinker bring what you would like to drink.

If you would like any of our items they must be purchased in advance. Sorry no refunds. We need to know how many bottles of scotch to order and the number of cigars to pull out of the humidor so they can rest.


This is our choice for local cigar purchases.  Amazing prizes and a good selection.

You cannot purchase Cuban cigars in the US. Ours were carried here by a 7 year old cuban boy named Petito. Petito swam all 90 miles while clinching them between his legs in a waterproof plastic container. Don’t worry though. We just sent him back for more cigars and this time we gave him a much larger metal container.  Go Petito Gooooooo! If you are not a Scotch drinker just bring what you would like to drink. If you do not know how to smoke a cigar or drink scotch correctly we can help.

Subscribe to our mail list for a chance to win either a Victorinox Pioneer X or  NutSac Man-Bag, Dammitt. I personally have both of these and they are an amazing part of your EDC

Bob Sandifer 404.783.9103

Robert Sandifer 404.852.5469