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102 Valley Rd. Griffin Ga. 30224

Established Nov. 2013

A social club is a group of people or the place where they meet, generally formed around a common interest, occupation, or activity. We welcome anyone that has a common interest.  This could be Music, Scotch, Cigars or all 3.  Gender, religion, race does not matter when you enter our doors.  However Yankees and Democrats will go through a probationary period until they learn to love our president, the baby Jesus and write a 50 word essay on why the war of yankee aggression was completely uncalled for..


This is our choice for local cigar purchases.  Amazing prizes and a good selection.

You cannot purchase Cuban cigars in the US. Ours were carried here by a 7 year old cuban boy named Petito. Petito swam all 90 miles while clinching them between his legs in a waterproof plastic container. Don’t worry though. We just sent him back for more cigars and this time we gave him a much larger metal container.  Go Petito Gooooooo! If you are not a Scotch drinker just bring what you would like to drink. If you do not know how to smoke a cigar or drink scotch correctly we can help.

Subscribe to our mail list for a chance to win either a Victorinox Pioneer X or  NutSac Man-Bag, Dammitt. I personally have both of these and they are an amazing part of your EDC

Bob Sandifer 404.783.9103

Robert Sandifer 404.852.5469