Have you ever felt like you were not getting enough out of your DAW? Do you think your buddy is not giving you all of the “pro mixing and mastering advice he got from the “guitar center drum dude”?  Do you think he is an idiot and refused to read the manual before he passed on his vast knowledge?  You are right.  Don’t become an idiot yourself.  Learn the secrets of the pros and never tell anyone else.  We sit down, around 2 in the afternoon, and I will have one of my assistants show you the correct way to set up a session. After that we sacrifice a chicken, and swear a blood oath (your blood). I only cut myself when the world hates me and my hair sucks.


And…the gig starts!


What will we work on?

• Mixing vocals, Drums, Instruments

• Proper use of delays and reverbs

• How to use AUX’ and Buss’

• Bouncing and Exporting Session files

• Preparing a session to send to another studio

• Basic mastering techniques

• Signal Flow

• How to repair really expensive headphones after Bonecrusher fell on them

• I will teach you the proper way to taunt studios that still use large format recording consoles

• A bunch of secret crap that I cant put here.

• And.............mix mix mix til we can’t mix no more.


You eat here, drink here and walk the chihuahuas here. Chicken wings, french fries and cheese grits are on the menu. When you leave you don’t get a freaking paper that says shit.  Its all in your head and that should be more than enough knowledge to make a hit record.  If you can’t make a hit record then your retention skills suck and you need to go find a real job ‘cause the music business sucks anyway you dumbass.

What should you bring? Swim fins, black socks and a note pad. That should about cover it.

The session will start with me opening the zip file I received from the producer, all the way to bouncing the final version. I will not be doing any mastering as the song will be sent to a mastering house for the final version. However I will be putting a little volume on it for the label.

If this is your day gig then this is not for you. This will be much more entertaining for someone that is new to the game. People just getting started mixing their own music. I will be more than happy to answer questions as long as it's not about compression. Those questions will summon the devil. The last time I had to get rid of the compression devil I had to kill a chicken and dance naked around a fire.  My neighborhood has an issue with open flames so I used a birthday candle and the chicken had to be from  the colonel. I ended up eating all of the chicken skin off the original recipe so I just threw up then fell on the candle. You would really be surprised how pissed the fire department can get when they have to put out a bush fire started by an actual flaming bush. Im pretty sure the devil is still in the studio.

I will try to use as many stock plugins that I can and I will be more than happy to mix the song in pro tools, Logic Pro x or even Harrison mixbus. If you have some unusual daw just let me know in advance and I will have my assistant get it setup for us

Don't expect a full studio. I gave that up 10yrs ago. If a client ask for their project to be mixed on a large format console then they can book one here in Atlanta.. That hasn't happened in 10 years. My work space is in my basement that I share with 6 chihuahuas....don't ask. I have a small car stereo speaker, some purple beats by Dre, an original Mac mini and a converter that only plays back through the right side. You have to use your imagination for the left side. You will get use to it in a few hours and it's always such a nice surprise to hear what you came up with.

I might consider a second person if he/she is a she/he....wait. Gimme a second. I might consider a second person. Yup, thats it. Im old so attractive girls will advance to the front of the line. Im not picky and I have bad eye sight so they just have to resemble a female. If you still have 80's hair and green eyes you would probably make the cut. Did I miss anything? Why am I doing this?........Doesn't someone need to?





All kidding aside we do have a great program here at INDUSTRY RECORDING COMPANY. 

We spend a full day working with the class and we keep it to only 15 students or less. You have to plan on spending 8 to 12 hours with us to try and get everything in.

If you need more information please feel free to give me a call at 404.783.9103.  Feel free to text as well.


As of today over 70 people have been through the class with several getting great gigs with Atlanta based studios. Times are changing and some of these changes are going back in time.  We can help you get prepared.

This is not an easy class to take. This is my passion and the same goes for everyone that works at Industry Recording Company . This means you really need to be serious about being in the recording industry to take full advantage of what I will be offering throughout the day. People do leave because we are not mean or hateful but we are honest. I want to make sure you are not going to waste my time and yours so be ready for a crash course in our industry.