Rick Ruben once said "I mix loud".  Damn well I do.  I am heavy handed which comes from my early days of hiphop and metal. The engineers I learned to mix from always kept the meters in the red and im not trying to reinvent the wheel.  Can I do country? Can I do Pop? Of course, but I still lean towards a heavier sound.


The Details And FAQ’s For Industry Recording Company in Griffin, Georgia

Every project is different so please contact us about your specific needs & budget. We love making records! It is our passion. We have a card hourly rate but we do pricing for whole projects and can work with most budgets. We’d love to work with you & can generally work out a pricing/payment structure that will fit for you. We generally require a 4 hour minimum for booking.



Studio A:

$60/hr with an Chief Engineer $40/hr Second Engineer

$35/hr without an Engineer



Mixing is by a per song basis. Rates are generally from $350-$1500 per song depending on complexity of mix (track count, length, added production, etc). This includes studio time and 2 recalls.


Professional mixing is the best way to improve your sound. The vast majority of musicians today are producing their music from a home project studio, but don’t have the mixing experience or the tools to compete with professional studios. If you have found yourself attempting to mixdown your project only to find yourself unhappy with the results, it might be a good time to have someone else mix your song for you. I provide inspired and accessible solutions for the modern recording artist.




Looking for a particular sound? I have been working with mixtape artist for over 25 years in all parts of the country.  Pick out what you need and I can give you that sound. 80's 90's 2000's Modern. East coast, West coast, New York, LA, Dirty South, Snap Plus many many more. Send me a sample and I will give you that sound.


This is not a 10 to 20 hour mix. I will spend about an hour on each song and it will be of the same quality as all commercially mixed mixtape songs. I do not do any vocal pocketing, pitch correction or beat manipulation in any way.  What you send me is what I work with. A good reference for the sound of this service would be Waka or Lil Wayne. Don't expect gold if you send me dirt.  The quality of your project starts with you and BAD cannot be fixed regardless of what people say.




A mixtape consist of a single music track and multiple vocals. If your music bed is tracked out there will be an up charge for each additional music track


$10.00 per channel

$20 setup fee

Professional mixing of your song to industry standards

Fast turnaround time.




Mastering is $50/per song




Our cancellation policy varies from client to client but in order to keep the studio booked at all times we have a standard fee. You are required to contact us at least 48 hours prior to your session of cancellation for any reason and reschedule it. If you cancel after the 48 hour grace period and/or do not reschedule your canceled session, you will be billed for 50% of the session time you had reserved according to the hourly or day rate. Cancellation of an entire work order will also be billed a 50% charge of the entire time booked if not notified within 48 hours. Rescheduling times and dates are subject to available session time slots.

For more information visit our contact page.



1. Are you looking for any interns, assistants or engineers?

Currently at this time we are not looking for anyone. If something does open up it is usually an intern position. All the main engineers here come from an old school studio approach and we demand a lot of our interns. If you can hack it you will learn a lot from experienced guys and move up. Go ahead and send us your resume’ and we will keep it on file. There are always times when someone can’t make it or cancels and we need someone to fill in last minute. This could be your “in” so be ready.

2. Why don’t you have consoles? Are you in the box?

No, we are not in the box. We have SPL MixDream Summing Units in Studio A and B. The MixDream is a high-grade analog summing unit with sophisticated, active Class A/60V stages for analog summing in the quality of the best consoles. The units include 16 balanced inserts that allows for integrated analog hardware processing with individual and overall hard bypass relays. Channel adjustments and automation (level, pan etc.) remain controlled from the DAW so the user loses no digital efficiency.


3. How much does it cost to record? And how long will it take?

There is entirely too much to discuss here and there are too many variables involved for a FAQ. Contact us to discuss your project in detail. We generally require a four hour minimum booking. For more info email us


4. Is the studio in a safe area??

Of course. The studio is located on the first floor of a residence so security is not an issue.  We have 6 chihuahuas that patrol the property every 3 hours like clockwork.


5. Do you do any work on spec?

Unfortunately, the answer is No. We have been at this for quite a while. The quality of work & production we do can easily be heard on countless records. Our studio time is very in demand and we make sure we give every artist that comes in amazing value for their money.


With that said, we have a card hourly rate but we do do pricing for whole projects and can work with most budgets. Once we get your budget, we decide how many days of recording/mixing we can give you for your budget beforehand. This way everyone knows what they are getting into and everyone ends up happy in the end.

For more information visit our contact page.



You can sit in on a session and be able to ask question and have me explain why and what I am doing every part of the way. $200 ($100) for each extra person) If you would like to have me mix your session then my standard rates apply. If I am mixing a mixtape session with less than 5 tracks I will include that in the price.


We do on-line mixing.

simply send your session or stems to us and we can have a mix and mastered project back to you within 3 days.

Test mastering is 100% free.

All of our work is guaranteed 100%. If you are not happy we will refund your money

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Capitol Records

Interscope Records

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Ying Yang Twins


Justin Bieber

Skid Row

For The Fallen


Matador Records

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Glass Note

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Rough Trade


Recorded - Mixed - Mastered at a minimum of 96k / 24bit