In todays competitive performance market you need and edge to put you above your competition.  Once you leave the studio you will have a full commercially produced sound that conveys what you felt while you formed a bond that only those bands that spend time in the studio together


What needs to happed to make everything go smoothly live.

  • Playback with a click track for the drummer
  • Add any additional elements to make your performance more exciting.
  • Song sequencing with segue between songs
  • Select sounds that would better fit a live performance
  • Assist in setting up your live show on our recommended applications
  • Use of standard live performance software. Ie: Pro Tools, Logic, Mainstage, Garage Band, iTunes, ShowOne, Ableton, Studio One, Cubase.
  • We load the stems into your software and for a small maintenance fee all updates can be free or paid as needed.
  • We can supply FREE software if needed.
  • Additional vocals parts and instruments can be added as needed.
  • Direct contact with your recording engineer to make things go more smoothly.
  • If you are local to our area we will attend a live show to guarantee our work runs smoothly
  • The BT's can be setup with the music on one side and the click on the other or each element can be place on individual tracks so you or your sound man can have more control over the sounds.

Music on one side and click on the opposite

$25.00 per song without any additional work on the set or sounds.

$20.00 per song (5 to 15 gongs) without any additional work on the set or sounds

Up to $35.00 - $55.00 per song if additional parts need to be added



Complete finished songs for you or your band to use.  Other than us retaining 15% of the publishing these are 100% your songs.  Call for details

We do on-line mixing.

simply send your session or stems to us and we can have a mix and mastered project back to you within 3 days.

Test mastering is 100% free.

All of our work is guaranteed 100%. If you are not happy we will refund your money

Epic Records

Capitol Records

Interscope Records

Sony Records

Roadrunner Records

Island Records

Wigout Records





Ying Yang Twins


Justin Bieber

Skid Row

For The Fallen


Matador Records

Mad Decent

XL Recordings

Sub Pop

Glass Note

Stones Throw

Rough Trade


Recorded - Mixed - Mastered at a minimum of 96k / 24bit